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As a Veteran of the armed forces, Prime Source is here to support you throughout the home buying process. The benefits from the VA loan program include things like no down payments, a government guarantee, no mortgage insurance, no repayment penalties, along with many other benefits that only our Veterans have earned the right to. Ask me how easy it is to put you on the fast track to home ownership or home refinancing.  Give us a call or download our helpful guide "10 Thing Every Borrower Should Know About VA Loans"

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Top 3 myths Americans have about home ownership

1.     My credit is bad and I won't be approved.

False. Your credit is revolving door and can be repaired in your favor, all you have to do is be willing to overcome this misconception by connecting with us

2.     I have no money saved for a down payment so I can’t afford the house I want to buy

False, there are many types of loan programs, some of which require little or nor down payments. Contact us to learn more about these programs

3.     My employment history is spotty and no one will give me a loan

 False, regardless of your employment history we can still work with you to get an loan, give us a call to see what your options are.